Monday, March 27, 2017

SA:On the Road: The 9th Hour World Tour: Europe 2017 week five:

Monday 20.3. Nottingham, UK
Had a nice day getting lost in the venue a couple of times. What a maze. Me & Marius
completed our ab-wheel challenge that we agreed upon and after the shows we all hang out at the bar downstairs and bid the norwegians farewell. Until we meet again !!

Tuesday 21.3. Off-day / Nottingham, UK
Started the off-day with a run and then it was time for Five Guys once again. Later on a small group of us went to check out the some of the caves, which was interesting. In the evening we had a bigger entourage and hit a really good indian restaurant before it was time to call it a day.

Wednesday 22.3. Manchester, UK
Once again hitting a place we’ve been before and having a good time once again. It
was raining the whole day which made me really lazy so apart soundcheck and the show etc , I spent the day in my bunk watching movies.

Thursday 23.3. Sheffield, UK
Eat, Run, Soundcheck, Dinner, Nap, Interview, Show, Pub, Bed.

Friday 24.3. Glasgow, Scotland
Pretty much the same as the day before. The buses were parked some 4km away so we spent the day at the venue…you see how lazy we’re getting, it seems like the tour fatigue is setting in and the most that you can do is play the shows and then just relax the rest of the time.

Saturday 25.3. Belfast, Northern-Ireland
After the soundcheck the band went to eat together and then it was time for a nap. After the show there was some hellish disco going on so it was quite impossible to get some sleep since the bus didn’t leave until 0830 in the morning.

Sunday 26.3. Dublin,Ireland
Home of Guinness ;-) Some of the guys took a tour of the brewery during the day and we had dinner at HRC later on. The show tonight was really good an since the upper balcony was closed I managed to check out most of Strikers set and the Thunderstone set as well. Really good bands and it was nice to finally get to enjoy their shows. After the show we had to catch the ferry in the middle of the night so I didn’t get to bed until 0600 in the morning when we arrived…somewhere….We then drove to Manchester for the day off.



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  1. Henrik, I am amazed at your professionalism and devotion to music! To perform six-seven days in a row, constantly moving from city to city for weeks and weeks... Well, it is just incredible! Thank all of you, guys, for your music and the wonderful live shows! Take care!