Monday, September 8, 2014

SA:On the road:Pariah’s Child World Tour / North-America part 1

Monday/Tuesday 1.9. & 2.9.2014 - Travel Day
So, now it’s time for the longest tour for us EVER, It’ll be 7 weeks of USA & Canada.
Let’s see if we survive. The basic flying out drill started on Monday with at short evening flight to Helsinki, had a nice dinner, some beers and off to bed. Nothing new here folks ;-) In the morning we got up, hassled all our gear through check-in and took the flight towards the US via London. Upon arrival, we were once again on familiar territory, standing in line….like…forever, waiting for the luggage and finally getting to
our hotel.Had dinner at the hotel and one too many drinks at the bar before going to sleep at before 10 in the evening ( I think).

Wednesday 3.9.2014 - Teaneck, NJ
In the morning we made a Wal-mart stop to buy stuff for the bus and I pretty much spent the rest of the day sleeping until soundcheck. As usual the first check on the tour is a bit of a mess but we sorted out the stuff and felt ready for the show. Eventually when we got to go on stage of course there were some hassles with the backing tracks at some point and whatnot but we somehow managed to power through and play the set that we planned on doing. After the show most of us where really tired, it’ll usually take a few days to get over the jetlag….

Thursday 4.9.2014- New York City, NY
Got up at 0800 in the morning, the jetlag…remember ? ;-) We had to make some stops on our way to NYC to pick up some drumstuff etc but it didn’t take that long to get to the venue. Originally we were told that this was supposed to be a drop¨n¨go meaning that the bus couldn’t stay in front of the venue…however as a really nice surprice we could have our home parked in front for the whole day. Yeah !!  We went walking around and got some late breakfast/lunch whatever at Times Square. During the soundcheck we sorted out some of the issues from last night and in the afternoon it was time for a slice of pizza….I opted not to take a nap in order to try to get in the right sleeping pattern as soon as possible. Don’t know if it’ll work or not but I’ll give it a shot. We switched some songs in the setlist and off we went. The show was a hot one but we had a really good time and it felt better than the first one. I’m sure we’ll be in a groove within a few more.
Got to bed quite fast after the show since….take a wild guess…I was tired as hell, but so where everyone else so we’ll suffer together….hahaha.

Friday 5.9.2014- Philadelphia, PA
Again I got up around 8 in the morning. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow ;-) Went walking around and had ”breakfast” at a Wendy’s of all places…It was hot as hell in Philly so I pretty much hung out in the bus playing this stupidly addictive game called Flow. Didn’t feel as tired as the day before which was really nice. At the soundcheck we did some more fine tuning with the monitor stuff and played through a couple of songs. Had a meet & greet / signing session, actually we’ve had those on every show so far and I’m sure we’ll do it for the rest of the shows as well. Spent the evening at a very hot and moist backstage watching TV…during the show my sustain pedal broke down as I was about to start Fullmoon. Well, Tero switched it to a new one in a few seconds so I could start the song…no other hassles during the show, at least not for me which was nice. It was a nice show (…and hot once again)…and since it was Tommy’s birthday we of course had to play a little trick on him. During the encore when we played San Sebastian, at the end of the song there’s a drum break and after that the rest of us just stopped playing. Tommy bashed away for some time, quite surprised about it but I think he realized what was going on quite quickly. We then proceeded to sing happy birthday to him with the audience before ending the song. Afterwards it was the usual routines with showers and cigarettes and leaving for the next place.Nobody really stayed up that late because we’re still….y’know…tired ;-)

Saturday 6.9.2014- Worcester, MA
Living the dream jiiihaa, finally slept until around 11 !!! Yes, this is a great day indeed. Went out to eat just after getting up and then I spent some hours working on business things. (it usually takes some days from the beginning of the tour when you just don’t seem to have the energy to sit on the computer). Anyways, this time around we wiill play the smaller stage since the main hall had some renovations going on. I forgot how many times we’ve been here but it’s always been a lot of fun and I don’t expect tonight to be any different. Had the usual meet & greet, went out to eat some more and then it was showtime. We sold out the place so it was hot as hell but realizing that we left the side doors to the stage open and it wasn’t really half as bad as expected. Elias footpedal crashed so Tero had to make all his soundchanges, which he managed to do quite well actually ;-) Another thing that was both funny and tricky was that the stage was really dark so it was hard to see the setlists etc…it caused some minor hassles during the show but all in all we had a really enjoyable night. Thanks a lot everyone !!

Sunday 7.9.2014-Travel Day Worchester-Montreal
Spent the morning and day driving the bus towards Montreal where we stopped at a hotel somewhere around 10 miles out of the city. We found a nice restaurant and had some excellent supper before it was time to relax and watch Bad Grandpa. What a funny movie, we were laughing our asses off since we hadn’t seen it before. After that we just hung out having beers with the support bands and getting to know each other a little bit. Nice, easy and stressfree. Now we only have 30 shows left before going home ;-)

Monday 8.9.2014-Montreal, Canada
Hello Canada !!! Woke up outside of the venue at some point and then it was time to eat…there seems to be a pattern here…all we do is eat, play, drink and sleep… Anyways I found a nice western store which had some really cool boots and jackets but unfortunately they were out of my pricerange ;-( Well, I’ll wait for Texas and maybe I’ll find a pair of boots there. Did a nice interview and then the meet & greet, dinner and now I’m waiting for the show to start….




  1. Sounds you guys are doing well, even the jetlag is being kind of gracious ;) and I'm hearing plenty of reports of amazing sweaty shows from my US friends so I know it's going well too :)

    And Flow- the color matching puzzle game with the pipes that can't overlap? Because if it's that, it's a druuuug.

  2. Welcome back to the States! So looking forward to catching up with you guys again, been way too long. You know, you're playing on my birthday in LA, so you can't go to sleep *too* early that night. lol

  3. Nice to hear everything's going pretty smoothly and jetlag is history! And I promise you will find boots ( and pretty much everything else you need or don't yet know you need) in Texas, they sell boots even for babies here :D

  4. Why is the Worcester stage was a dark? Where is yours lightman Mr.Punky are?

    1. Mr.Punky is not with us on this tour...I have no idea why the stage was sooo dark.

  5. Yays, you're alive! :D
    Nice to see everything has been going relatively smoothly, minor hassles aside, but that's just normal I guess. Eat, play, drink and sleep doesn't sound bad at all I'd say ;-)
    Bad Grandpa is a good movie, yes, but my sleepy brain first thought you were talking about Uncle Grandpa, some weird-ass cartoon series which is a mixture of "Wtf is that shit?" and "Uh... haha."

    Longest tour EVER sounds awesome, though I guess you won't be in a hurry to break that record any time soon once you're done with it. :-)
    Will you be doing that VIP/M&G thing on the European tour that's hopefully to come next year too? (wink wink ;-) )

    Well, if you won't get your boots in Texas, I don't know where else, so good luck!
    Also good luck for the rest of the tour, already more than 10% done! Hehe.

    Cheers and take care,

    PS: What kind of axe are you using right now? It looks like it's neither an AX-7 nor an AX-Synth...

    1. I'm using an Alesis Vortex at the moment. Small, cheap and crappy but it does the job. As for the European Tour in the spring it might not happend, we're currently scheduling our spring shows so we'll see what we can make work or not...

    2. Now you're just teasing me... I've already been looking forward to it :-P But it would've been too good to be true anyways.
      Are you gonna do a Japanese tour instead maybe? Would be fitting with the Ecliptica revisited thing and PC going back to the roots and the roots of your fame being over there... hehe.
      Okay, I obviously know shit about keys and stuff, but you use the cheap and crappy one on that long tour because...?

      Oh, and.... yep. Flow is really friggin' addicting. Thanks a bunch, another reason to not get any work done ;-) Ever tried Plague Inc.?

    3. We'll let you know as soon as we have our plans ready and shows booked, until then I try to keep my mouth shut since plans tend to change up until the last minute and I only end up disappointing people....I use the cheap and crappy one 'cause I play quite hard and shit usually breaks on the road....

    4. Oh no, don't worry. You can't disappoint me ;-) You did say you MIGHT do it, that's no promise, so if I'm disappointed it's my fault for getting excited before anything's confirmed, not yours for giving me hope :-)
      Ah yes, that kinda makes sense. It's amazing how you guys enjoy your music onstage. That's a big part of what makes your shows so awesome. Even my husband had to say you're good live *chuckles*
      But the Alexis won't find the same end as Moon did, will it?
      I've also been wondering if you have a whole truck of spare parts for Tommy's drum kit, keep buying them on the road as needed or he somehow manages to not destroy his drums...

    5. I'm not gonna smash the Alesis just quite yet....and we do have some spare parts with us on the road but you'll never know what breaks next so every once in a while we have to find stuff on the road...

    6. I'm never gonna believe you again when you say anything about tours happening or not until it's officially confirmed! :-D
      That was mean, making me think you'd come back here 2016/2017 at the earliest ;-) Friday evening was really a nice surprise!

  6. Hello Henkka!!! Thank you guys so much for an awesome show. It was a lot of fun! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! How do you think it went? My only complaint is that it was over too soon. If I could I would follow you guys to Qc City, Ottawa and Toronto. You need to come back to Montreal, and soon! :-)
    Speaking of eating, have you tried our famous Quebec dish, Poutine any time you've been here? Most people seem to love it but I'm not one of them. I guess I never warmed up to the idea of mixing mozzarella with gravy and fries together. What about Montreal's famous Schwartz smoked meat? If not, you should try it next time you guys play here. It's so good, you just might want to eat it without the bread and fixings!!

    I've been wondering how you all have been dealing with the different timezones and jet lag, because with the type of schedule you're on, rest is really important, but it looks like you've got it under control. :-)

    A happy be-lated birthday to Tommy! Hahaha, I would have loved to see the look on his face when you all stopped playing. Ah, but he had the right idea. The show must go on! ;-)

    Good to know there were no major problems with your setup and gear...what would you do without Tero?...or any of your team for that matter. I noticed him tinkering about the stage before you guys started. I love that you all are like a close knit family. It's so much fun to watch your on-tour video journals. You're all so loveable!

    Thanks again for last night's show. I will cherish Sept 8th, 2014!


  7. I think the show in Montreal was really great but then again I usually tend to enjoy myself on stage, haven't tried the Schwartz meat but I did try a mac & cheese poutine as you can see in the next post ;-) The jetlag issue is pretty much a battle for a couple of days for everybody, for some it's harder than others but at the moment we're already over it biggie...

  8. I'm sure that is one of the reasons I enjoy watching you play...well, all of you. It is apparent you enjoy yourselves up on stage and it's infectious. I love the chemistry and energy you have! :-)
    Everyone's body chemistry is different so it makes sense jet lag would affect each of us differently. Glad it's wearing off.
    You must try Schwartz Deli next time you're here! I'm sure you'll love it!

    1. Also, I've been curious about the interview you mentioned above. Was it with a magazine or radio station? Do you know when we can expect to read or listen to it?
      May I ask what happened to Punky? Is everything okay?

    2. The interview in Montreal was for radio...don't know when it'll be out though...Punky is totally ok, he's just sitting this one out ;-)

    3. Oh man, I hope I didn't miss it! You wouldn't happen to remember which radio station it was would you? Would love to hear it!
      I'm glad to know Punky is fine. :-)

    4. No I have no idea...I never remember for what magz/radio/web stuff I do inties since we do so many of them...sorry.

    5. It's okay, Henkka. It's not your fault. :-) I tried looking for it online but I can't find a thing on recent radio inties done here. You'd think there would be a pod cast of it available somewhere in cyberspace. You guys DO do a lot of inties! Btw, how do you decide who does which? Toss of a coin, bribe, or blackmail? ;-) Have you ever turned any down?

      I cringed the first time I saw you smash Moon into pieces!...which is kind of odd seeing as how it never bothered me when Pete Townsend smashed his guitar, or Jimi Hendrix set his of fire.Did you really feel better afterwards? There's just something I love about Purple Boy...and I'm still in love with that solo you played on him. Any chance he'll make an appearance in the future?

    6. Me & Tony do most of the interview and of course we blackmail the other dudes to pitch in every once in awhile. My old keytars are so wore down that I doubt they'll make any reappeareances...I play quite hard so they usually don't last that long...smashing Moon was awesome !!!

    7. Awe, that's too bad that we'll probably never see Purple Boy least he's safe and hasn't suffered the same fate as Moon. :-)

  9. Hope you guys have a good show in Toronto tonight. I am unable to attend anymore because of school :( I was really looking forward to it. Wanted to try and say hi after the show.

  10. Tere henkka! tässä yön pimeinä tunteina aloin tsekkaa sonata kiippari cover videoita ja löysin tälläsen herran ja aattelin sullekki tämän linkata sillä herra on tehny hienoja covereita ja myöskin lisäillyt vähän omia juttuja biiseihin kuten esimerkiksi tossa: DSAW-versioinnissa.. Mitä mieltä olet ylipäätään kosketin-coveroinneista siis yleisesti?

    1. Kyllä se oman musan soittaminen on ollut aina mulle tärkeintä mut mikäpä siinä jos haluaa coveroida toisten biisejä, hyvä tapa oppia ;-)