Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SA:On the road:Pariah’s Child World Tour / North-America part 3

Wednesday 17.9.2014-Joliet, IL
The show last night in Cleveland went well…as it usually does. I had a weird moment with Tony during the beginning of Sing in Silence but that was about it. Woke up in Joliet, feeling more or less back to normal so the flu is over for me ;-) . We went for dinner with the guys and a fan dude who was at the restaurant paid our first round of drinks which was really nicely done. Thanks man ! Did the usual soundcheck/meet&gree etc stuff and I recorded a couple of radio jingles for our show in Puerto Rico. The show was ok, did a bit more mistakes than usual and wasn’t too happy about it but whatta hell, tomorrow is a new day. Hang out with a bunch of friends after the show and had some beers. Good times.

Thursday 18.9.2014- Off / Travel Day
We spent the off-day at Mall of America…wherever that is. In the early afternoon we all went to the mall and spent the whole day there. Eating, drinking and buying stuff to bring home. I even went to this flight simulator thing with Tony and we battled with P-51 Mustangs. First we killed all enemy aircraft and then we ended up in a dogfight. I managed to drop him a couple of times but most of the time he was whipping my butt. That’s how it goes when someone has playd flying games (Tony) and someone else has no experience in the matter (me). Nevertheless it was really fun. We checked out the aquarium thing with sharks and whatnot…and also played minigolf. Whenever I play my only goal is to not finish last because I suck at it…so imagine the surprise when I won the damn thing !!! Yeah, that just happend !! Ended the night by watching Anchorman 2 in the bus while sipping on some Ron Burgundy whisky. This was a loooong but fun day.

Friday 19.9.2014-Winnipeg, Canada
We actually had a couple of invitations to do stuff today, one was to check out a sauna that one of our fans had built in his backyard and another was to go enjoy a swimming pool….we arrived in the afternoon and it was raining so the pool thing was out, as for the sauna I really like to take my time and enjoy it without a hurry so we had to skip that one as well. Too much work… We once again rehearsed the next song that will emerge in the set and I think we’ll play it tomorrow…and then the surprise is ruined. The show went without any hickups…except Tero forgot to put up my little ”lamp” so of course I had to tease him a bit about it. Didn’t have an effect on the show though. Afterwards I watched Friends re-runs on the TV and had a couple of glasses of white wine before it was time to go to sleep.

Saturday 20.9.2014-Regina, Canada
Somehow I didn’t really get going until the soundcheck on this day. I finally managed to get out of my PJ’s and flipflops around 3:30 in the afternoon just before the soundcheck. Spent the afternoon on the computer trying to catch up with the everlasting pile of e-mails etc…and got a lot done. For dinner some of the guys ordered chinese but me and Pasi went to the MD…had a big mac, and it was shit.Well I wasn’t hungry any more or perhaps I just lost my appetite…nevertheless it did the trick ;-) The whos itself was a smooth one and afterwards we watched some TV on the bus before heading to bed. Actually we spent most of the day watching Pawn Stars or watever the show is called….trying to guess what kind of deal the people selling stuff to the shop were going to get. Very intellectually challenging…at least by tour standards.

Sunday 21.9.2014-Edmonton, Canada
Go Oilers !! I was probably the last dude to wake up….papa needs his sleep. Some of us went to the mall and had breakfast before the usual routine started.After the afternoon obligations were fulfilled Elias, Pasi and I ordered some Pizza from the next door shop which was actually really good. I tried not to take a nap before the show but fell asleep for awhile in the front lounge while me & Pasi were watching Beverly Hills Cop…for those of you who attended the show, that’s why I played the theme song during one of Tony’s speaks…just couldn’t resist. We also played Letter to Dana for the first time since…maybe 2000 or something. At least it was the first time I’ve played the electric version with SA…we did do it acoustically during the Days of Grays World Tour but that’s about it… Let’s see if it will bee a keeper or not. After the show we hung out a bit outside the bus as usual and then it was time for movies and rest…..see y’all tomorrow.

Monday 22.9.2014-Calgary, Canada
I might have forgotten to mention that the new Silent Voices video is out, the one which we filmed ourselves ;-) here’s the link to that:

Anyways, well up in Calgary my day was more or less the usual thing. We went to a nearby Casino for dinner which was good actually. In the setlist we switched In the Dark to Sing in Silence and Love for Tallulah. So the ever changing setlist is still in motion :-)
We’re gonna start practising something new now since Letter to Dana made the setlist. Let’s see what it’ll be this time… After the show we met some fans and talked about the hockey game that we did outside in Calgary some years ago.Also made the promise that if we’re ever back here in the winter we’ll have a re-match. The show itself was hot as hell but that’s the way we like it so no bitchin’ here.

Tuesday 23.9.2014-Off day, Canada
Spent the off-day in Kamloops like so many times before. I didn’t really do anything but eat, drink and laundry. Had to spin the dryer some extra rounds since it was totally shit and that was the highlight of my day. I tried to launch one of the rockets I got at walmart earlier in the tour but I didn’t have enough battery power to trigger it. I’ll get some new batteries from Tero and give it another go at some point. We were all really tired for some reason so just after midnight it was a quiet bus.

Wednesday 24.9.2014-Vancouver,Canada
Slept about 10 hours or so and I feel goood. We couldn’t park at the venue so the bus is a few blocks away. Let’s see what kinda setlist we come up with tonight. After the show we’ll have the last bordercrossing so I hope all goes well. I think I’m gonna head out to town…see ya !!!




  1. The always moving setlist is definitely a good idea to keep things fresh :) (but remember: tomorrow keep In The Dark! Pretty please with a lot of ruisleipää on top ;) )

    And I love the new SV video :) you should do the next Sonata videos too, because this is so well lit and you can see everybody's faces, which is a first with your video production :P

    I hope the rest of the west coast goes as well as the rest and hopefully no more flu for anybody :)

  2. Kuulostaa tosi jänskältä tuo rundielämä :D by the way, tuli eilen emailia jotta kirja ompi myöhässä ja julkaistaan 17.10... Jotenkin oli sellanen kutina että noin kävisi mutta kyllä sen verta jaksaa odottaa :) hauskaa rundia täältä loskaisesta suomesta!

  3. Hmmm...wondering what that weird moment with Tony was.

    Very nice of your fan dude! :-)

    Glad those minor hiccups didn't get you down.
    Yep, tomorrow is another day. Nothing in life and no one is perfect. That's something we all need to remember from time to time. I love your way of thinking.

    Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota) Been there many times. There was construction going on there last summer. Forgot what they were adding...(again!) but, I assume they're done by now. Beautiful, isn't it? They have everything and the kitchen sink in that mall! I can't imagine them expanding it again....but you never know!

    I've always loved the Beverly Hills Cop theme. Love the movies too...well, I've only seen the first two. Apparently there's a 4th one coming out.

    Wait what?! You guys played a hockey match a while ago with some of your fans? Who won? So, if you guys do another match you think there's any chance you'd film it? I know, the answer is probably no, but that would be fun to watch! :-)

    I'm so glad you guys are having such a good time on your tour. :-)

    1. I'm not sure who won the hockey match but we'll probably film at least some of it if we do it again....

    2. Have you conveniently forgotten who won the hockey match? Just joking...I hope you play again. If you do I'll be looking out for that piece of footage.

      Ok sure, I'll say it again. I love the new SV video! One of my favorite songs from Reveal The Change. I'm glad Teemu is now with SV. I love his voice, and I can't wait to hear the new SV album with Hurtsi behind the drums! :-)

  4. The edmonton show was great and the Beverly hills theme was super funny! Thanks for the great time! My wife was enthralled with how dramatic Tony was live. He is so expressive and you guys were simply amazing live. I just wished coming to Canada wasn't such a big deal for you in regards to expenses.

    Question, my friend got you guys to sign his Finnish flag and Tony said it was against his policy to sign the flag, I was wondering why? Does he find it disrespectful? If so I can totally understand.

    1. AFAIK Tony does find it disrespectful since so many of our ancestors gave up their life protecting that flag and our country. I do agree myself but I don't classify the rags that you can get around the world as a proper Finnish flag so I have no problem singing whatever needs to be signed.

  5. I think Letter To Dana should be a keeper :) (atleast untill the next European tour)

  6. At least it seems like it doesn't get boring for you in between shows ;-) Sounds like so much fun, and all the places you get to see, woohoo!

    Don't think I've told you yet, but I really like the new SV vid. You were all like it's nothing special and low production, but it turned out real great. It's what you guys and us fans love... You playing your music. So in that way it's perfect :-)

    I'm still mad I missed the SGHN tour with the acoustic set with my favorite songs... But at least I got Tallulah at the last concert in April and hopefully Letter to Dana will still or again be in the rotation next time I get to see you, returned to sender or not. We Germans also have rye bread, will that help? :-D

    1. The rhye bread in Germany is quite ok depending on what you get, nothing can beat the Finnish ones though...I guess it's just about what you get used to...

    2. Of course. So I guess self baked ruisleipä also won't help, as it still won't be the same you get at home ;-)

      Did you have time to read my message yet? If not it's ok, it's really just nonsense...

    3. Yeah I read it..and no self baked bread is not the might be better though ;-)

    4. Damn, now I feel the need to apologize for that weird shit.... But I guess I already did that ^^ Poor bored you :-)

      Haha, who knows, I have no idea what ruisleipä is like. But I might give it a try, so hurry back here! ;-)

  7. We just finally got home from Portland and I really have to thank you and the boys so much for everything. For the two amazing shows, the chats and hugs before and after, In The Dark in Seattle, and the two cigarettes I bummed off you ;) I'm so glad that I'm finally not as crippled by my anxiety as I used to be, so I can actually TALK to you instead of locking up completely and making a fool of myself. You are an interesting dude, that's for sure. :) enjoy your day off and have a good rest of the tour. I love you guys.

    PS: I am pretty new at the whole "visiting the US" kinda thing so yesterday that we stayed at an actual motel I was all like "just like in the movies! It's just missing a dead body floating in the pool!" ...does that kind of thing subside after a few visits or do you still get bouts of it? LOL

    1. It depends on the day, at least for me when I'm traveling sometimes it feels like same old same old and sometimes I get excited about the things I see...

  8. Any hint for this "new song" again? :D

    Cheers! -T

    1. Not won't probably make the set during this tour anymore...