Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SA:Pictures from North-America part 1

here are some pics from the first days of the tour...in no particular order since I'm a lazy bastard....

Driving to Canada....

...still driving...this was after the first 4 shows....

Elias showing off his appreciation of Kiss @Times Square NYC.

@London Heathrow on our way to the US.

Annoying flight pics part 258....

The back door to Club Soda in Montreal.

We got some beautiful gifts in Montreal, fly with the black swan !! Thanks a lot.

Mac & Cheese poutine in Montreal...was actually really good, not the healthiest choice though...

A beautiful drawing of the SGHN cover @ the meet & greet in Montreal ! Well done !!

Lunch in Montreal @ some local sports bar...

Selfie time in Montreal, showing off my 5 dollar glasses I got in Philly.

Cool tatto @ the meet & greet in Montreal, the photo is not too god sorry about that....

Backstage in NYC investigating nerdy tech stuff ;-)

Soundcheck in NYC...

Walking around in Philly....

The bumper sticker on our support bands trailer...

Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice, listening to Lana del Rey backstage @ The Palladium, Worcester, MA.

Some parade in Worcester...no idea what was going on.

Morning workout in the bus....



  1. Hola Enrique,

    Ok, well you can forget the question I asked a while ago about poutine. I have my answer here...and no, it's not the healthiest choice, but I guess having it every now and then won't hurt.

    Beautiful scenic pictures. That's why I love taking long road trips...but I can do without the aroma you get through the vents when passing a farm. ;-)

    Nice selfies, and nice pic of Elias too. Also a Kiss fan. :-)

    Hmmm...that mural of musicians looks mighty familiar. So does that swan! I'm so happy you like them! It was my pleasure to make them for you. :-D
    Awesome drawing of the SGHN cover. Well done, indeed!
    Cool tattoo! Cool pics!

    Thanks for sharing them!


  2. Oh, yes! And how can I forget to acknowledge two of NHL's greats!!!...is that a Rangers jersey I see? Btw, what happened to your Habs jersey? ;-) just kidding.

    1. Habs jersey, hehe come on now, Rangers all the way !!!

    2. Yeah...I don't think so. It's Habs all the way, baby!!! This season's gonna be ours, hehe. You wait and see. ;-)

      Btw, did you know Marty Bordeur is from our neck of the woods?

    3. Yeah, I knew that he is...but your season ? I seriously doubt that ;-p

    4. Haha! well we'll just have to wait and see about that, won't we! ;-)
      Now that Brodeur is a free agent he says he would love to be Price's backup goalie if an offer is made. He says he wouldn't mind even playing a minimum of 20 games with a "winning team". Those were his words, I swear!
      But really the Rangers played extremely well last season and your namesake is an exceptional goalie. I think this season, someone needs to tie Zuccarello up and leave him in the locker room at every Rangers/Habs game. :-P He's a sneaky little devil around the net!

      So, have you managed to catch the start of the SM Liiga season? Which is your favorite team?

    5. I don't follow the SM Liiga too much but I'd go with Kärpät from Oulu if I had to pick one ;-)

    6. Oh? What in the world makde me think you followed SM Liiga? Hahaha.
      You know, I thought of including a Habs shirt in with your Black Swan but something told me you might turn around and use it for a dusting cloth. ;-P

    7. ...And I agree 100% with HMQ. You have a gorgeous smile! Thanks for the link, HMQ. Great pics!

  3. What a wonderful landscape there in Canada :) have nice days on tour guys! See you in Italy in spring... and in Finland as well next year ;)

  4. Olá, Henrique! Nice crazy random photos. Keep them coming, will you?

  5. Ahh, you're spoiling us with these pics...That poutine looks like... well, nevermind, if it tasted ok I guess it's fine. And I absolutely have to get one of those bumper stickers!

    I also love those landscape/city/backstage/soundcheck photos, since there hasn't been any tour documents lately (wink wink, are you telling me that Tony has something better to do with his time? ;) ), it's nice to see what you do and where you hang when not playing.

    Just out of curiosity, is the weight of the dumbell in kilos or pounds? Not that you couldn't lift both... :p I hope you let the other guys use it too, so you'll all be in good shape by the time you get here ;)

    1. It's in pounds...but we're not really big guys so with enough repeats it's enough to get your arms sore ;-)

    2. Haha, just don't get too excited, so you won't have to wake up one day to realize, that you're too sore to play :p

  6. Selfies and PBS, you're turning into a hipster! ;) (not complaining about the selfies tho)

  7. Also I think your goatee is gaining sentience, it's reaching for the camera! ;)

  8. Hola Henkka!, Nice 5 dollar glasses :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. That poutine somehow doesn't look right... It has to be in a big bowl covered in white cheese. Oh wait, that was the Bulgarian dish ^^
    I can only sign what Johanna said, you're spoiling us, but I'm loving it so please keep it up :-)

    That bumper sticker is... so true :-P If I still had my old car, it'd get one asap.
    The 5 dollar sunglasses look good on you. What is that NYC tech stuff? Did you break the A/C with some keyboard solo? ;-)
    For some reason the Pabst Blue Ribbon made me laugh...
    Ok, long story short, all photos are awesome (again, what Johanna said)

    1. The AC didn't have the cover on in the NYC pic, didn't seem too safe to me but later on someone did put the cover back so...confusing times....

    2. Haha :D Well, as long as there's nothing sputtering about and no one puts his hand into it, those things should still be safe without cover I guess. Unless you have someone with you who tends to run into things. Good thing I wasn't there, it might have exploded ;-)

  10. Speaking of pictures I've just ran into a REALLY nice picture of you from the Quebéc show:


    I've had a reeeeally shitty day and it kinda cheered me up. Damn you and your infectious smile ;)

    (also I've seen In The Dark is back on the setlist! Please please please can you keep it until Seattle? Pretty please? Pretty please with ruisleipä on top? ;) )

    1. Pretty please with ruisleipä might just do the trick ;-)