Sunday, September 21, 2014

SA:Pictures from North-America part 2

More random pics in random order ;-)
Enjoy !!

Backstage in Winnipeg there's a vending machine and in addition to snacks you can actually
also buy guitar strings...great idea !!

A small aquarium in the outdoor/hunting store during the off day somewhere in PA.

Elias posing in that same store....

What I ate part 21: Cobb salad at the Mall of America.

What I ate part 20:Breakfast in PA, still don't know in what town we were...

What I ate part 19:Breakfast in Toronto a few blocks from the venue.

At the aquarium in the Mall of America, jellyfish eating my brains...

My special lamp so that I can change sound even if the houselights are down. High tech stuff.

Trying to take pics of the Niagara Falls in the middle of the night....

...still trying.....

Got a NYR watch as a present, thanks a lot !!

In front of the Orbit Room (Alex Lifeson of Rush owns this bar) in Toronto.

Pasi having a crazy hair day !!

Our merch guy Ryan managed to find this Ron Burgundy scotch, which we drank while watching
Achorman 2 after a long day at the Mall of America.

..and here is Ryan presenting his electric cigarette case with all the bells and whistles.

Scary looking beer !! ( I think it was in Montreal)

Selfie in front of Rock'n'Roll hall of fame in Cleveland...and no I still haven't been there just got out
of the bus in the morning to take this pic.

Some ground rules at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA.

More gifts and the first time we tasted the spice jäger....still prefer the original (which we also got btw) and by now the bottles are far gone...thank you !!

Cool SA tattoo...

and more cool tattoos...

..and one more, great job guys !!

A nice self-made vase, thank you very much !!!



  1. Aww omg that pic of Pasi is the cutest thing ever! <3 but really now, is his hair ever NOT crazy?

    I'd say keep those Niagara Falls pictures In case you one day find yourself doing a black metal project. Very grim and atmospheric ;)

    So who's posting now, the man or the jellyfish? LOL

    looks like you guys are having fun :)

  2. I love those outdoor shops, they are more like a mini zoos (only most of the animals are of course dead :D ) than regular hunting shops. There's a big one also here near Dallas, a good place to spend some extra time (which you don't have too much, I guess, but I do a lot :p)

    And wow, you got to see Niagara falls! That definitely is one of the places I would like to visit. You didn't have the time to go sightseeing in the daylight, so you had to do it at night? You are such busy people... ;)

    I was under the impression, that Pasi is always having a crazy hair day, but obviously I was mistaken... Although, I still think he could do worse.

    And once again you got a bunch of fancy gifts. :) It's nice to see, what kind of gifts the fans have bought/done for you. What happens to the gifts (the ones you don't drink ;) ) when you get home, do you have a place for those that you got together as a band of do you just cram them in some closet?

    1. Well we just drove through the falls, no time to wait for daylight. I have my gifts in my studio and I know the other boys do that as well so..they're safe ;-)

  3. Once again, nice pics. Kiitos for sharing them with us! :-)
    Now, I don't think the jellyfish was after your brain and on the photo it looks more like you're trying to eat it. Was it tasty?^^
    Special lamp or not, it doesn't have to be high-tech, as long as it works it's fine. You just have to know how to help yourself ;-)
    Wow, Ryan's e-cigaret case looks gigantic. Some people (*cough*me*cough*) keep the knickknacks and shit in an old wooden cigar case, lol. Is he Larry's assistant or is Mr. Longsleeve also sitting this one out?
    The tattoos are really great, wish I could get one myself. Now I also want to taste the Spice Jäger, the normal one tastes like cough syrup in my opinion... but whisky is always good. I have a bottle of single barrel something here, if you want ;-)
    Love the pic of Pasi, his hair is always kinda crazy, but that one is special :-D The vending machine with guitar strings is really a nice idea.
    Have you only seen the Niagara falls at night? Guess that would be interesting too, plus maybe less crowded because not many tourists at night. Or did you see it already on a previous tour and just wanted to show it to Pasi? :-)
    It's always nice to see you all are enjoying yourself on tour. Hope it'll stay like that for a loooooooong long time :D

    1. Larry is only working with us in Europe....and we've seen the falls in the morning as well back in...2006 maybe or 2007 I'm not sure but I've been there in daylight ;-)

    2. Aw shoot... I thought I also saw them in the other tour vids but apparently not :-)
      I've never been there myself, just saw the video my brother made from his visit there, but it must be amazing and loud as hell :D

  4. Haha! Some of these pics made me laugh out loud. You know you should never tease brain-eating jellyfish, Henkka. What were you thinking! :-D
    Mmmm...the food looks delicious, especially the cobb salad. Great pics of you guys. Lookin' good! Where was Tony and tommy? Omg! Pasi's hair, and the expression on his face. Hilarious! "Don't come near me with that comb!! I'm keeping my new hairdo."...or maybe he's traumatized by the way it turned out. :-)

    I remember Ryan. I bought my T-shirt from him in Mtl! :-) Btw, that La Morsure beer is from here. It's brewed in Shawinigan, Qc. What did you think of it? Cool label! Have you ever tried the e-cigarette? If not, would you consider it?
    Those sound booth guest rule are too funny!
    Ah, the famous Rangers watch. :-) Great gifts and tatts!
    I've probably passed the Orbit many times and didn't even know it. Sounds like a place I'd like to go. Hopefully you'll get a chance to experience it sometime soon.

    Hope the others are still flu bug free(I'm sure the bottles of Jager chased any germ attempting to get near them away)! ;-)


    1. I don't mind the e-cigarette but it has nothing to do with smoking in my opinion. The beer was...hmmm...interesting...for a lack of better term. Some of the dudes are getting/being sick at the moment so...I think eventually everyone will have to go through it :-(

    2. I don't really know much about the e cigarette but I always believed they carry a less amounts of nicotine and the manufacturing of them has been geared towards people who want to cut down on smoking, or eventually quit. Wouldn't mind trying one someday though, just to see what it's like.

      Hmmm...I wonder if the La Morsure is worse than Boreale...tried the Blonde for the first(and I think last time) at your show... I won't even say what I compared it to. All I'll say is I found it very week and it left a funny aftertaste in my mouth. We switched to Heineken after that. :-)

      I was surprised to see theNiagara Falls not lit up in all sorts of colors in your pictures but I guess they would have to turn them off after a certain time. I've only been there in the daytime myself so I've never experienced the colorful falls in person...but from pictures I've seen they're beeeeauuuuutiful!!

      Oh, no! Sorry to hear some of the others are or getting sick. That especially isn't good for Tony, I think. Could be hard on his gorgeous voice. But it sounds like you guys are managing it all fine and rockin' the hell out of North America! Hope they'll all feel better soon!

    3. Concerning e cigarettes.... You can get the liquids with different amounts of nicotine and also a shitload of different flavors. Colleague gave me coca cola which surprisingly tasted pretty good, though I prefer to "smoke" apple xD Never try chocolate though, it's disgusting!
      And yeah, it does help with quitting, mostly because you can decrease the amount of nicotine and there's also liquids without any nicotine at all so all you have to get rid off is the habit of breathing smoke. Managed that once, but shit happened and I started again :-/ Now I only use it for long car drives or when I'm so busy at work I can't take a smoke break.

      Okay, that was totally off topic, sorry :-)

      Awww, and I'm totally with Tracey. Imaginary "Get Well Soon!" cards with stuffed teddy bears for the sick ones! I'd bring y'all chicken soup (one of the few things I can cook) but you're so far away :-/

    4. Holy shiitaki mushrooms!!! Why didn't I see this post! If I didn't come back to snag a copy of that La Morsure beer pic I would probably never have seen this!
      Anyway, thanks for the info, Maria. I actually went to a local tobacco shop with a cousin of mine a couple of months ago just to see how they sell them...yeah, I know how hard it is to quit. It took me several years(failed New Years resolutions included) to finally do it. I think the last time I had cigarettes was about 4yrs ago but that was like 3 in that day, while visiting some friends. I don't have cravings for them anymore. Haha, though I love chocolate I'll keep what you said in mind...though I might like it. Who knows! Something tells me I won't like the apple flavor...but again, you never now. I'll see when I eventually get around to trying it. Thanks again!

  5. Pasi and I have something in common... a crazy hair... cool pics!!! always made my day! :)

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